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"ak jibonee ato prem pabo kothay" by arifin Rumey,Shahid and Subhamita

Free Download Bangla video song:" tumi ami kacha kachi...akjibone ato prem kothay"
গান: তুমি  আমি কাছাকাছি আছি বলে
এ জীবন হয়েছে মধুময়
যদি তুমি দুরে কভু যাও চলে
শুধু মরণ হবে আর কিছু নয়

তোমায় ছেড়ে বহুদূরে যাব কোথায়
এক জীবনে এত প্রেম পাব কোথায়

Absolutely georgeous song, these 2 artists work well together, have very nice sweet voices and couldnt have sang this song any better then it already is. This song has such meaningful meanings to the song, heart touching really. Everytime I listen I just want to fall in love each time over and over again. Takes my breath away, I completely lose myself into the song all the way. Wicked, please carry on producing more of these style of songs....BEST BEAUTIFUL LOVE SONG EVER!!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH